Monday, March 4, 2013

Is outrageous customer service a norm at your work?

Recently I heard a client come into my office and another agent was trying to help him out but he insisted that he needed to talk with me. When I went out to greet him he was standing there all smiles and handed me a bottle of wine and proceeded to tell me how grateful him and his wife were for what I did for them. He said I didn’t have to do all of that and they were extremely impressed and thankful. After exchanging additional pleasantries he left, I then turned to the other agent and said, he looks familiar but I have no idea what I did for them.

Is outrageous customer service so second nature for you that it is just normal in your work place but leaves a lasting impact on your clients? This is the ultimate compliment to me that someone would be so moved about my service that they would come out of their way to let me know it when I can’t even remember what I did!

Do you have any stories about the things we go through as business owners? Reply to this post and let us know.

Jeff Baugus
Insurance Beacon