Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Patience is a virtue, so I have heard.

Psalm 130:5 (NIV) I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.

Patience is a virtue, so I have heard. It is so hard to wait on the Lord sometimes, isn’t it? My thoughts, my mission, my passion is busting at the seams for what I see TRE can and will be. A couple of great meetings with some trusted friends this week helped me to take a step back and revisit our main mission at TRE and that is to reach out to those folks within our workplace mission field that are far from God. While we continue to add to our TRE community, I know it is vitally important to remain rooted in this main purpose and for us to provide resources and tools to our members to not only help them in business but to also help them to remain focused on our main mission.

To help us keep focused on this mission, we are starting a study in September around the book “God in The Marketplace” by Henry & Richard Blackaby. Stay tuned for more details on this soon. If you want to go ahead and order the book so that you are ready, Amazon has good conditioned used copies. I found my copy on Amazon for 1 cent plus $3.99 shipping. After reading through several chapters I am seeing how this can literally be a handbook for living out our faith in our workplaces and to help others fulfill the mission that God has given them within their workplace.

Jeff Baugus
The Ripple Effects